When To Call

Unusual Reading

If an unusual reading or no water usage is noted, a meter reader will leave a notice requesting that you contact the Water Department so the meter can be checked. We ask for the customer’s cooperation in this matter by calling and scheduling an appointment. Unlike many other companies, the Water Department will make every effort to schedule “exact” time appointments for all meter services.

High Water Bill

Should you receive a bill and have no explanation as to why your bill may be higher or lower than normal, we encourage you to call the Water Department to schedule an appointment. We will send a service crew out to investigate the water usage and determine if the usage is the result of faulty plumbing or a malfunctioning reader.

Letter From Water Department

Should you receive a letter requesting for the Water Department to check your meter, we encourage you to call the Water Department immediately. We will send a serviceman out to investigate the water meter. Upon reasonable demand of the city, the owner and/or occupant of the premises must provide access to the water meter.

Failure to comply can result in termination of water services. To schedule an appointment to have your water meter checked contact the Water Department at 708-756-5380.