Final Readings

A final reading is required when a customer is selling their property or when a different tenant is being moved in or out of a rental property. It is the owner’s responsibility to schedule an appointment for a final water meter reading. If the owner is selling the property the owner must make sure that the Code Enforcement Department is contacted to schedule for a meter inspection. A meter inspection is not the same as the final bill.

The final bill is good for up to two weeks after the date of the final reading. If the bill is not paid in full, within the two week time frame, the owner will need to schedule another final reading. We will not issue transfer tax stamps or approve an application for water services unless a final reading has been completed and paid in full.

Final Reading Instructions

  • Schedule an appointment for a final reading at least 2 days prior to the date of your scheduled closing or change of tenant.
  • You will need to be present to give the meter reader access to the inside meter.
  • Pay the final bill in full within 10 days.
  • Pay with Cash, Money Order or Credit Card or a check from the attorney’s office handling the closing of the sale. Personal Checks are not accepted.