Water Department

Water Source & Distribution

Our source water is Lake Michigan, which is surface water, purchased from Hammond, Indiana. The Lake Michigan water is treated and pumped into Hammond’s distribution system.

The City of Chicago Heights lake line receives the water at 172nd and State Line Road in Hammond. The water then flows to a booster station located at Paxton Avenue and 175th Street in Lansing, Illinois. This station boosts the water through the lake line, providing water to Thornton and Glenwood, on its way to two distribution stations in Chicago Heights.

Distribution Stations

The largest of these is our Lowe Avenue Pumping Station, which is located east of Vollmer Road and Halsted Street, surrounded by the Chicago Heights Park District golf course.

The second station is located at 14th and State Street along with a one million-gallon elevated storage tank. These two stations are connected by large water lines that distribute the water evenly throughout the city. A peak station is located at 17th and Division Street.

Fire Reserve

This station maintains a fire reserve and supplements demand during peak usage. The City of Chicago Heights also supplies water to the Village of Ford Heights through a reconstructed connection to the City’s distribution system and to the Village South Chicago Heights through a southbound transmission line.