Reinvestor Refund

Code of Ordinances

Section Sec. 39-108 of the Chicago Heights Code of Ordinances provides as follows:

(a.) Re-investment. A grantor or seller who has paid to the city treasurer the tax provided for in Section 39-102 herein shall be entitled to a refund of such tax provided any such grantor or seller meets all of the following requirements:
  • Has owned and occupied the dwelling on the property for which such tax was paid as his principal residence
  • Has not rented or leased any portion(s) of the dwelling or real property sold to another person or persons
  • Has bought or built a single-family dwelling or condominium unit within the city limits within eighteen (18) months from the payment of the tax sought to be refunded
In order to obtain the re-investment refund, the grantor/seller must submit the following documents to the City Clerk of the City of Chicago Heights:
  • Signed and notarized affidavit on form supplied by the City Clerk.
  • Copy of the signed closing statement on the property sold.
  • Copy of the signed closing statement on the property purchased.
  • Copy of the signed Chicago Heights Real Estate Transfer Declaration previously submitted with the transfer tax payment.
Documentation should be forwarded to the Clerk's Office, attention: Transfer Tax.