Resident Services & Mayor's Office of Special Events


The Department of Resident Services is responsible for streamlining the response for a request for non-emergency city services. Residents may contact the department to report service needs, check the status of previous service requests, or obtain information regarding city programs and events. The department maintains a standard for professional, courteous and efficient delivery of services with a goal of ensuring resident satisfaction.

Report Service Needs / Check Status of Previous Service Requests

Last year, the Department of Resident Services received approximately 5,000 requests for services.

Service Request Actions

A service request to the department triggers a series of actions.
  1. A representative enters the request and assigns a “Request Number” used to track the status of each request.
  2. The request is coded by available service and assigned to a designated city department.
  3. Once the service request is completed the status of the request is updated.
  4. The Resident Services staff reviews the final disposition of the request, notifies the individual requesting the service of the status, and reviews it for Resident Satisfaction.

Mayor's Office of Special Events

The Mayor's Office of Special Events acts as a liaison between public and private sectors within the City. The Office of Special Events team maintains the Mayor's Office of Special Events Community Calendar which includes special events hosted by the City of Chicago Heights, special events hosted with other agencies or organizations, and special events and parades hosted by neighborhood organizations or nonprofits.

The Mayor's Office of Special Events team coordinates special events and also participates in a number of community events as ambassadors for the City.

To include your event on the Mayor's Office of Special Events Community Calendar, please email Jessica Mancina.