1. Accident Investigation Unit

    The Accident Investigation Unit enforces all traffic laws, handles accidents and is on call to respond to major accidents.

  2. Community Policing Unit

    This unit handles community related police issues along with the focus to suppress street level trafficking in illegal drugs, including sales from residences, on the streets and in public parks and buildings.

  3. Investigations

    The Investigations Division is responsible for the follow-up on most serious criminal matters, along with the arrest of offenders and subsequent court preparations for specific cases.

  4. Partnership & Assisting Agencies

    We are proud to partner with local and national agencies.

  5. Patrol / K9

    Learn about the duties of the Patrol / K9 Division.

  6. Records Division

    The Records Division performs a variety of routine clerical, secretarial and administrative work in support of the law enforcement activities.