Crime-Free Housing


The purpose of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is to prevent criminal activity from taking place on your property.
This includes:
  • Criminals who may reside in the property
  • Friend of a resident
  • Trespassers who commit crimes
Therefore, it is important to not rent to people who have criminal intentions. Attending our program seminar will help you navigate through this process and help you prevent crimes.
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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program Seminar

  • Explanation of the City of Chicago Heights residential rental ordinance
  • Overview of community policing and city resources available to assist you
  • Explanation of the Crime Free Lease Addendum with samples provided
  • Crime Prevention and Risk Management
  • CPTED (Crime Prevent Through Environmental Design) overview
  • Applicant Screening
  • Active Property Management and Working with the Police
  • An attorney discussing leases and evictions
  • City of Chicago Heights rental issues, inspections, miscellaneous ordinances
  • Special investigations officers with gang and drug awareness information
  • A workbook and additional valuable handouts and resource information