Purchasing Stickers

A vehicle sticker must be purchased for any vehicle that is registered in the City of Chicago Heights, or for any vehicle that is owned by a resident or business in the City, unless such vehicle is registered elsewhere.

A vehicle sticker shall be purchased by residents of the City a) within thirty (30) days after the owner of a motor vehicle becomes a resident of the City, or b) within thirty (30) days of the purchase of a motor vehicle, whichever is applicable. For newly purchased vehicles, a vehicle sticker may be purchased without a license plate number; registration papers are required.

Valid Dates

All vehicle stickers are valid from date of purchase to the following July 1st, at which time the sticker expires. All vehicle sticker renewals are effective July 2nd and expire on July 1st of the following year. Prior to expiration, preprinted vehicle sticker notices are mailed to residents who purchased a sticker for a previous year. A vehicle sticker must be purchased annually, regardless of whether a pre-printed expiration notice was received.

A vehicle sticker must be purchased on or before July 2nd to avoid a late penalty. On July 3rd and thereafter, a penalty will apply to late purchases in addition to the regular fee.

Seniors Rate

Vehicle registration and proof of age 65 are required in order to qualify. Two senior discounts are allowed per household; senior discounts are not applicable to trucks. Antique rate: vehicles must have antique license plates to qualify. Transfer sticker: when a vehicle is traded in for another one after the purchase of a vehicle sticker, a transfer sticker is available for $5.00 upon return of the first sticker that was purchased.

Purchasing Locations & Payments

Vehicle Stickers may be purchased at City Hall and local currency exchanges.

Personal Checks for vehicle stickers are accepted with valid government photo I.D.

Code of Ordinances

Chapter 28, Motor Vehicles & Traffic, Article IV, in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Chicago Heights is available online.